Sports Management Scholarships and Grants 101

A degree in sports management can lead to a number of career paths – sports agent, publicist, facilities management, event planning, sports finances, and athletic director are just a few of the fields where this kind of degree can lead you. In many of these areas, your earning potential is virtually limitless, since billions of dollars are spent on sports every year. So, a degree in sports management could not only pay for itself very quickly, but could also lead to a very healthy bank account.

The potential payoff in the future doesn’t change the fact that you need money upfront to pay for your education. While student loans are available to most students, having these bills after graduation can significantly limit your savings and even be frustrating as you search for a job. Scholarships and grants are both better funding options, as they don’t have to be repaid when you graduate.

The Difference Between Scholarships and Grants

Scholarships and grants are both sources of money for your education, but they do differ a bit. Scholarships are typically given to students based on merit. You could receive a scholarship for your high school grades, standardized test scores, special talents (like music or sports skills), community service, or a number of other factors. Many scholarships require you to write an essay based on a question the scholarship committee asks, and these essays are judged, with the best winning the scholarship.

On the other hand, grants are typically based on financial need. The Federal Pell Grant is one of the best sources for money for school, as this government grant is available to any student whose family meets the financial qualifications. Other grants may be based first on a characteristic such as sex, race, or military status, but financial need is always one of the most important qualifications.

The line between grants and scholarships is somewhat blurred. Some grants take into account certain merit-based factors while some scholarships make financial need one of the qualifiers. Apply to both grants and scholarships in order to get the most financial aid for college.

Finding Sports Management Scholarships and Grants

Colleges are by far the biggest source for sports management scholarships and grants. Many athletes and other professionals in the sports world given scholarship money to their alma maters, so check with your financial aid department to find out what is available.

Private organizations and companies may also offer sports management scholarships and grants. Some places where you can start your search, since they’ve offered scholarships or grants for sports management majors in the past, include the following:

  • Women’s Sports Foundation
  • Institute of Sports Management
  • Black Coaches Association

Remember, you can also look for general scholarships and grants, which are available to all students regardless of field of study. Combined with the sports management scholarships and grants you receive, you may end up getting your degree without paying a penny out of pocket.

Top Online Sports Management Degree Programs

Northcentral University
MEd: Athletic Admin
PhD: Athletic Admin
Northcentral University - Northcentral's Master of Education in athletic administration is a program designed for professional educators interested in K-12 athletic administrations. The PhD in athletic administration is a very thorough program that requires students to apply educational concepts they learn in this program into planning and directing sports and athletic programs.
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Ashford University
BA: Sports & Recreation Management
Ashford University - The online Bachelors in Sports & Recreation Management applies sports and fitness to business management principles. Specializations of this degree program include Entrepreneurship, Finance, Information Systems, Marketing, and Project Management. Students enter a wide variety of careers in sports management, marketing, and communications. Ashford U is accredited by WASC Senior College and University Commission, 985 Atlantic Ave, Ste 100, Alameda, California 94501, (510) 748-9001,
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Adelphi University
MS: Sports Management
Adelphi University - The MS in sports management from Adelphi University will provide you the necessary academic background for a career in industries centered on sports. Your degree will develop your skills and knowledge in relevant sports related topics helping you build a successful career.
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Liberty University
MS: Sports Management
Liberty University - The Master of Science in sport management from Liberty University is an advanced degree designed to help you gain an in-depth understanding of the sports and recreation industry. The courses you will take give you a strong background for management with rigorous study on social and ethical issues you will face in this industry.
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Southern New Hampshire University
MBA: Sports Management
Southern New Hampshire University - Students in the Southern New Hampshire University Sports Management MBA program learn the business core of an MBA program plus the insight of sports marketing, leveraging sponsorship opportunities, and crafting a brand. The university is committed to graduating leaders in the field who will shape the future of sports management. No GMAT or GRE is required.
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