Top 25 Facebook Apps for Sports Fanatics

Published by admin on Sun Nov 14, 2010

Many of us would like a career in sports. For most of us, that sort of job remains a dream. However, you don’t have to work in sports in order to enjoy all that being a sports fan has to offer. If you are a sports fanatic, you can get your fix on Facebook. Pretend to be a sports management professional and build your own team. Take charge and use your sports savvy to build the best team ever. Here are 25 Facebook apps meant for sports fans:

  1. ESPNU College Town: Do you like college sports? If you are a college sports fan, you can build your own team. Recruit different players, scouting the best prospects. Pick your favorite sport, and then put together a college team that can get the job done.
  2. EA Sports FIFA Superstars: Are you ready to become a superstar soccer team manager? Find the be best footballers and sign them to your club. You can customize formations, and even put together a training regimen. You can even challenge your friends to soccer matches, and see who’s the best.
  3. Fantasy Football 2010: Play fantasy football online with this Facebook app. A great way for you to get involved. You can have access to live scoring, and be part of a live draft. Use custom settings to get thins arrange just how you like.
  4. Citizen Sports: Can’t live without sports? Get the latest sports headlines and news. Get play-by-play — live! You can also join communities for your favorite teams, and interact with other sports fans. You can sync this Facebook app up with your iPhone. Play fantasy games and engage in sports trivia. This sports app has it all.
  5. 2K Sports: Use this Facebook application to connect your 2K Community account. This way, you can stay up to date with the latest news and even the titles. You can play online league games, and enjoy interaction with your friends.
  6. Sports Illustrated Fantasy Football: Gear up for the new football season with this Facebook app. Live draft and live scoring. Plus, you get analysis from Sports Illustrated. Build the ultimate team, and see how you do as the season progresses.
  7. AOL FanHouse Sports Challenge: Think you are a sports fanatic? Prove it! This Facebook app offers you a challenge by asking about different stats and events in the world of sports. Compare your sports savvy with that of your friends.
  8. Sports City: Create a city that is all about sports. You can create a stadium and manage teams. You can even manage different teams in different sports. Build up a city that is all about sporting. You can be the best sports director — and even show your business savvy as your franchises begin to earn.
  9. Sports Fan: This application helps you show love to your favorite teams. Are you a sports fan? You aren’t until your Facebook page shows that you are! Show your team pride with this fun application.
  10. MySportsPage: If you want information on your favorite sports teams, this is the app to have. You can receive the daily headlines from your favorite teams. This application scours the web for team news, and delivers it right to you. Easily follow your favorite teams.
  11. FanFeedr: Are you looking for a personalized sports feed? If you are, this Facebook app can help you. Collects the latest news, videos, scores, images and more, and sends it right to your profile. An easy way to follow your favorite teams and show your true fandom.
  12. Sports IQ: Prove that all that time watching sports is totally worth it. Sports IQ is a Facebook application quiz game that allows you to answer sports trivia. The questions are user generated, and you can test your knowledge of your favorite team or sport.
  13. StarStreet – The Sports Stock Market: If you want to have some real fun, you can participate in a sports market. Buy and sell shares of your favorite team or player. It’s a fun way to track your team’s performance. You can even choose to play with real money.
  14. sProphet: You can get sDollars when you are right about your sports predictions. This fun Facebook app encourages you to consider your picks, and figure out who is likely to win. Turn your sports knowledge into the ability to predict event outcomes.
  15. BeterZ: Have a little fun with this social sports betting web site. You aren’t playing for real money — but you are playing for pride. See if you can predict who is going to win.
  16. Daily Balls: This is another sports prediction Facebook app. Can you really see the future of sports? Can you win the weekly money prize? Find out. Put your obsessive knowledge to the test and see if you can win.
  17. New York Yankees Faithful: Can you work your way up from being a lowly batboy for the Yankees to earning the jerseys of the greats? You can also interact with other big time Yankees fans, and get the latest news headlines. Join the conversation, and show your Pinstripe Pride.
  18. Bloomberg Sports Batter’s Box Game: Fantasy baseball at its finest. Create a team that is ready to score by picking six batters each week and following how they do. Weekly winners receive prizes all throughout the baseball season.
  19. ESPN Passport: Share your favorite sporting moments with your firends when you use this Facebook app. A great way to connect with others, as well as to enjoy some headlines. Check in at your favorite sporting events and let others know that you are the ultimate fan!
  20. Fanbase Team Information: Use this app to add team information to your profile. Quite useful when it comes to keeping up with your team’s schedule, scores and more.
  21. Wrigleyville – Chicago Cubs: Show your team pride with this app that allows you to earn the jerseys of the best Cubs players. Recruit more cubs fans, and earn more points.
  22. EA Sports Grand Slam Tennis: Get involved with other tennis fanatics with this Facebook app. Keep track of your stats, customize your player, and even make a movie when you win.
  23. Stadium Tour: A true sports fanatic can follow the team. As you go on the road, you can register your stadium stops, and have a personalized map created for your Facebook profile.
  24. TomorrowsPro: Are you interested in keeping track of your sporting performance? If you are a sports player, you can use this Facebook app to store your stats. This way, you’ll be able to keep track of season stats from high school college.
  25. We’re Teammates: Use this application to connect with friends and others who you might have played sports with. If you are active in sports, this is a great application that lets you connect with others who have the same interests and experiences.

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