7 Essential Free Web Apps for Student Athletes

Published by admin on Wed Feb 03, 2010

Web applications can be understood from the phenomenal development of computer solutions using programming language to deliver out certain results in diverse areas and fields. Web applications are generally made to ease out a complex situation and most of the times are connected with a database. Sports are one such area where web applications are extensively used. Below are given some web applications related to the field of Athletics.

  1. Training Peaks: It is a Peakware’s premier software that deals into TrainingPeaks in highly recognized tool for monitoring, analyzing and planning human performance. It is used by many individuals, professionals and businesses to take help from the software as to achieve their goals in health, fitness and athletic performance.
  2. Active Recruiting: This started as in 2002 as an effort to let sport person to have a visibility on NFL kicker and it worked successfully. Now Active recruiting helps athletes to have maximum edge and reach to recruiters for a frame- by-frame review of a nationwide pool of athletic talent.  Overall this tool lets an athlete to maximize its exposure to college recruiters with key stats, highlights & videos to hundred of top college and universities.
  3. Peak Sports: This website is provided with proven sports psychology strategies to boost mental toughness and improvement on performance. It provides in forms of sports tools, articles and games psychology tips for athlete, coach or sports parents. More one can have mental toughness articles, podcasts and sports psychology e-books over here.
  4. Triathlontraining4life.com: Here one can have Triathlon training under proven scientific triathlon training system that is guarantee for increased speed, endurance, strength and power. This particular system is designed in such a manner to benefit triathletes at every level. Training programs are prepared by dedicated sports professionals.
  5. Athlete 360.com: This site is very important for race enthusiasts as it is provided with a good number of article, features and other utilities for the benefit of Athletes. It also keeps on organizing beneficial events as well as practice sessions for Athletes.
  6. iPump Free Workout: Collection of over four thousand images and videos, this application is a very serious device for athlete. Here, he can get tips for props, recommendations and the ability do a drag and drop workouts. And it has nearly 400 already programmed workouts and most of them are free.
  7. Lose It: It is a helpful intuitive, and complete nutritional database and statistic tracker where vitals such as current weight, gender, and goals can be put into in order to calculate daily calorie budget for an athlete to lose his weight.

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