Where to Take Your Sports Management Courses Online

Published by admin on Thu Jan 07, 2010

Ever wanted to be a sports agent and represent some of the biggest names in the sports world? Ever wanted to have one of the world-class team managers’ jobs as coach to the world’s top sports teams? Did you ever want to be a renowned fitness instructor, or trainer? Then pursuing a degree in Sports Management is the best gateway to these careers and more. It is also very convenient if taken online as you can tailor your classes and courses according to your schedule so you do not have to attend school exclusively, you can also work or do other duties in your life with flexibility. Below are some of the best universities that offer Online Sports Management courses and accreditation:

1. University of Phoenix
Founded in 1976 and with over 200 campuses worldwide, it is easy to see why an online degree from the largest private university in USA and Canada is a viable option for your Associate Degree in Sports Management. The courses are comprehensive and the tutorials are up to date.

2. Ashford University
Founded in 1918, this institution will offer a Bachelor’s Degree in Sports and Recreation Management online for an affordable cost and provide you with the best course material to get you passing with flying colors.

3. California University of Pennsylvania
This university offers a Bachelor of Science in Sport Management and a Master of Science in Sports Management studies. The bachelor’s course offers fitness and wellness courses, sports management, communications and marketing. The Master’s degree is the next step and takes about 13 months to complete.

4. West Virginia University
They offer minors in Athletic training, personal training, and a Bachelor of Science in Sports Management. In this case, they might also require you to take communications, business studies, and various other sciences before you consideration to take on this degree. You do not have to have necessarily taken them at the said university but if you qualify then you are good to go. Their website has a wealth of information on courses available.

5. Drexel University
Recognized worldwide, their Masters in Sports Management course is a great option if you wish to study sports management online. There is a requirement to finish a thesis and project and one-week on-campus session in Philadelphia.

These are some of the campuses across America that could have what you want out of your Sports Management career aspirations. This is a much cheaper, less of a hassle, flexible and interesting way to take your university or college course and you can finish them in your own time, according to the regulations in the institution of choice.

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